Log Home Decorating Tips and Ideas

Usually, people who choose to build or buy a log home are unconventional souls-“free spirits.” The decor inside their homes is as unique as the outer appearance. Not long ago, decorating such a home was a challenge, since the pieces sold in a typical furniture store didn’t fit-either in size or style-the interior of a log cabin. However, as log cabin homes have become more popular, specialized furniture, as well as floor and window treatments have evolved to fit this decorating niche.Simplicity and natural ambience are key factors in log home decorating. With an increasing number of choices in log cabin style today, it can be easy to go overboard with rustic pieces, resulting in a cluttered, busy look instead of the simple, peaceful feeling most homeowners want. Creating the right balance takes careful consideration of each purchase.You will want to offset each intricate piece with a more plain counterpart. For example, if your wooden bed frame has exquisitely carved detail, a simple single or two-toned quilt will show off the handiwork better than a busy-patterned Native American blanket. Pay careful attention to the balance of plain and complex patterns in the living room, too. Often, log cabin homes have very large living areas, so they can handle a number of woven patterns. Offset them, however, with simple clay or carved wooden bowls on natural or distressed look tables and rusted-metal lampshades.Windows treatments in a log cabin should be simple. Typically, log cabins in pioneer days had very plain window coverings. Their main purpose was to control the amount of light and heat/cold that came in. Because today’s log cabin homeowners usually hold nature in high esteem, and windows are ways of bringing the outdoors in. So, window treatments are simple so as not to distract from the natural light or view outside the window.Natural fabrics are the most popular choices for decorating a log cabin home. They range from single-colored muslins to heavy-textured woven blankets and rugs. In between is a wide variety of coarseness of cloth, prints and grains of leather. Using one main type of fabric in a room allows you to accessorize simply by substituting a different texture, and maintains the simple feel so right for decorating a log cabin home.Americana folk art fits the log cabin decorating theme perfectly. In addition to human-made art, many people make the most of Nature’s artwork. Birch wood frames for photo collections, leaf-prints and pressed flowers under glass blend with antler coat or mug racks to highlight living in harmony with the natural world, the spirit that lies at the heart of all log cabin home decorating.

Evil Home Decor! Top Three Safety Tips for Interior Decorations

Evil Home Decor?Interior home decorations are very important in personalizing every home. These decorations make every home feel like one’s own, different from everybody. Moreover, there are myriad options in as far as choosing the right type of home decor.However, there should be some basic standards that must be met to ensure that each piece that a homeowner acquires will not cause any unexpected and disastrous results in as far as the health and safety of everyone in the household. Hence, here are some tips on how to make sure that any nice-looking home decor you purchase will not turn out to be evil in disguise.Plants are a very common choice. They are usually placed in plant bottles filled with water. Unfortunately, these media used for growing these things can also be a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects that can communicate diseases like typhoid fever. Thus, it is advisable to regularly replace the water in order to avoid these incidents.Vases and other heavy objects are very popular decorative items too. For the lighter ones, there is always a risk of them falling off of a table which can hurt children and adults alike. This risk is greatly magnified when there are small kids in the hours. Large cabinets should also be double checked for structural integrity, especially in earthquake-prone areas. Hence, these items should be properly strapped to more stable structures to prevent untoward incidents from happening.Items with made of highly biodegradable materials like potpourri and paper mache can sometimes attract households pests like termites, which can accelerate the degradation of the house structure. It is good to double check these items for the presence of such creatures before taking them inside the home.Lastly, decor with very small loose parts should be dealt with some caution especially when there are toddlers in the house. There is a risk that they may be ingested by these kids and thus cause unwanted results. Taking the size of each home decor’s parts, and how strongly bonded these parts are, should be of primary importance when deciding which pieces to acquire.